Kiff Recording Studio

Professional 24 track recording studio with up to 56 tracks for dubbing. Specializing digital and analog. Recording sessions includes a professional certified engineer. We do have the drum and vocal isolation rooms.

We use digital software with analog processing together for cutting edge quality and sound that can't be emulated with digital DAW's alone.

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Be sure to visit often as we update often. 

Rise And Worship - There Must Be More.mp3

Rise And Worship - Heart Of Worship.mp3

Red Cap Band - Amen.mp3

Cimarron - Mustang - Sally.mp3

Dave Matthews and Legacy - Pink Cadillac.mp3

Misbehavin - Every Morning.mp3

Misbehavin - Wright This Down.mp3

High Millage - I'm The Only One.mp3

Misbehavin - Beer30.mp3

281 337-3531

With the exception of mocking God, we record any style of music: Christian, rock, pop, country, jazz, blues, ETC. Your recording's will be mastered to industry standard red book specs, demo's. or releases.

We archived from years past, pre mix down reference versions from those days for the main page, a couple being final finished products. We hope to at least give an idea of what we sound like. And if you like what we did then, you will love us now! (We are professional commercial). All Demo's were actually tracked, full bands, mostly from analog back then, our processing, premixed in the rough, taken from old DAT tapes, CD's, etc. Additionally we have newer recordings on the site. No tracks were drum machines emulation, ETC, unless a band actually used that. From scratch we produce your masters, unless you say otherwise. Do we work with pre sampled sources IE drum machines, keys ETC? YOU BET! And to date we remain one of the most, if not the most affordable, PRO, studio in the Houston area. We also have video/video editing available.

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James Lann - One After You.mp3

Red Cap Band - Beneath The Weight.mp3

Mike Fageros - Mars In October.mp3

Shaving Susie - Purple Fever.mp3

Huntress - Knocking On Heavens Door.mp3

Huntress - Who Do You Love.mp3

T and T song 1.mp3

T and T song 2.mp3

Hulk And The Gang - Dig Up Her Bones.mp3

Kiff Recording Studio
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